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Whilst working on Triangle Wizard 2 I sometimes have wacky ideas of things to add. Some of these make their way into the game as random levels, or deity abilities (or curses). However, not everything is deity or random level material, and so recently I stumbled upon the idea of allowing for specific modifications of the game's dungeon and its inhabitants.

These modifications can be switched on or off when creating a new game, and can also be stacked. There is a lot of variety, making most monsters undead, filling most levels with lava, making dungeon levels more elongated, removing half the dungeon levels (making for a shorter and more intense game), etc.

They are not meant to be balanced, many of them probably make the game harder, especially if multiple are made active at the same time, but can be used to spice up the game for those looking to mix things up. They will not be visible by default, that would be too overwhelming for newer players, and must first be enabled from the option window.

Also, happy new year tomorrow! :)

Release notes


* New game menu info screen now defaults to class description.

* Added the ability to add modifications of the game in the new game menu (after enabling in the options).

* Fixed several technical bugs having to do with the census and quests.

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