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About me

I am Wouter and I created the original Triangle Wizard when I was studying physics. I had been creating games since middle school, ever since I found a book in the local library acquainting me with the QBASIC language. I transitioned into Game Maker and when I become enamored by roguelikes like NetHack, Diablo I, and ToME, I knew I one day had to try my hand at making one for myself.

I drew inspiration mainly from Diablo I but also other games I was playing at the time, such as Age of Wonders I and Baldur's Gate. I made the game for myself, creating a game I wanted to play and never dreamt others would be as interested. Yet, the game did gather a group of fans, and I played it a lot with friends at university (some of which actually managed to beat the game).


The original game released on October 27, 2008, more than a decade ago! The game would never have been as extensive without its fans providing me with suggestions and bug reports all those many years! It is for them that I undertook the effort in the last few years to create a new version.

Now with the advent of Triangle Wizard II I hope to bring joy to both new and old players alike.


If you have any suggestions, remarks or just want to express your opinion there are several ways to contact me. I am reachable by e-mail, forum, and there is also a Facebook group dedicated to Triangle Wizard:



wollie73(at)  (replace the "at" with an @)

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