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Here you may find the download links of the latest versions of Triangle Wizard. Both Triangle Wizard versions can be played completely for free (and there are not even any ads). Please let me know if any links break or you have any other issues. Consider joining this website (it is free) to receive an e-mail whenever updates are released.

Triangle Wizard 2

Triangle Wizard 2 is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. If you download a newer version you can overwrite the old one. (All player specific data is kept in the .tw2 and .tw2sav files, and save files are backward-compatible.)

Latest version (2.2) - Windows

Latest version (2.2) - Linux

Latest version (2.2) - MacOS

* Note: On Linux and MacOS you may need to use chmod (i.e. chmod +x) to set executable privileges. Unfortunately, when building on a Windows platform, Unity (and myself) cannot set Unix file privileges.

Triangle Wizard 1

The game that started it all. Triangle Wizard has been tested to run on modern versions of Windows but there is no support for Linux or Mac. Whilst bugs may be fixed, the game is no longer in active development.

Latest version (R 18.03)

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