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This update is a healthy mix of some quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes, and new game content. :)

Release notes


* Walls destroyed by creatures would not update pathfinding grid. Fixed.

* Doors which are opened will no longer block creatures with the tiny bit sticking out.

* Dying creatures no longer have a command limit (affects some creatures with a summon-upon-death effect).

* Inspecting a trap would display the time-to-fire as opposed to the recharge time. Fixed.

* Added option to default active modifiers to those used in the last run.

* Mousing over creatures or powerups on stairs will now display mouse-over-text for those creatures or powerups.

* Added the Treacherous Traps and Organized Religion modifiers.

* Player character names can now have spaces in them.

* Increased the base casting time of Chain Lightning by 0.2 sec (+20%).

* Added Satinav, the Thirteenth-Horned Giant, to the pantheon of deities.

* Added a unique item generator; creating new powerful items which may appear as unique items.

* Improved item descriptions typographically a little bit.

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