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Several things to report in this update:

- Process on Triangle Wizard 2 has been steady, looking good for an October 27th release!

- The old website will no longer be updated. Apparently it has not disappeared as I initially assumed, so I'll leave it up for now point to this new website.

- During the development of Triangle Wizard 2 I have been reading the code of the original game quite extensively, which have led to a number of small bug fixes. These have now been bundled in a new version for the original game! The download link can be found in the download section, please let me know if the link breaks!

Release notes for R 18.02:

-Priests of Stoutheart no longer lose maximum health upon leveling up (only the curse of Stourheart now does this).

-Holy water reduces death damage to creatures immersed in it.

-Unholy water reduces holy damage to creatures immersed in it.

-Light of the Avariel now correctly increases Solar Flare's light radius instead of reducing it.

-Solar Flare always caused stun. Fixed.

-Giant Frogs can now correctly breathe underwater.

-Reduced health of Giant Spiders.

-Voidmancer now does corruption damage instead of hypnotic damage.

-Rainbow Apprentice now does hypnotic damage instead of corruption damage.

-Fixed various typos and small bugs.

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