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New Triangle Wizard 2 version: 2.2

My apologies for releasing a new version only one day after the previous one, but I discovered a pretty major bug; if you load a save game from a time before a new deity (e.g., Yig or Satinav) was implemented you might run into some weird unexpected issues.

Release notes


* Removed (e) in HUD in the line mentioning the number of health potions (since a user may have reconfigured the key).

* Having a resistance above 100% when taking damage would subtract health instead of adding it. Fixed.

* Health regeneration now shown per minute instead of per second.

* Remedy spell info would show regeneration bonus as twice what it actually gave. Fixed.

* Encountering a deity effect from a deity which did not exist in the game version in which the game was originally started could cause an error. Fixed.

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man I've been playing the first version since a decade ago at this point, love the concept and it's incredible that you are still working on it all these years, keep up the great work!

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