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New website and Triangle Wizard II

Welcome to the new website for Triangle Wizard. Unfortunately, the old one is getting removed at the end of August, so it was prudent to provide a new haven for the game.

It is still a work in progress, please let me know if there are any issues with the website!

Also, with this new website I also officially announce that Triangle Wizard II is not only in development, but also close to release! Hopefully it will be ready for Triangle Wizard Day this year (October 27).

This new version is written in Unity, and the intent is to also release a Linux and Mac OS version. Triangle Wizard II is mostly a rewrite of the version version, but with updated graphics and UI, and will be the focus of development going forward. I will still be fixing bugs for Triangle Wizard I, but I will no longer be adding new features.

Many thanks to the long term fans of the game, I hope you will like the new version!

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This is awesome news :) Good luck with the development, triangle wizard is one of my fave roguelikes!

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