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New Triangle Wizard 2 version: v1.1

The first update to the new game :) Only a small list of changes, but I wanted to fix the talent bug as soon as possible. You should be able to update by just overwriting the old version with the new one; all persistent player data is stored in the .tw2 files found in the game's root folder.

Release notes:


* Sometimes the talent screen could show an empty list of choices. Fixed.

* The burning status effect can now be spread by knocking burning creatures into others.

* Knocking creatures into other creatures can now also knock them back.

* Added a few more modifiers rare creatures may have.

* Added an option (switched on by default) that allows you to push allies out of the way by moving into them.

* Unlocking player options now also takes game session time into account.

* Added ability to reset unlock progress in options.

* Added option when resetting progress to randomize starting races and classes.

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