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New Triangle Wizard 2 version: 2.0

Happy New Year everyone! :) Hereby the first update of 2024. Mostly some (serious) bug fixes, but also the first novel deity which was not in the prequel: Yig, the Father of Serpents.

Release notes:


* Made the list of modifiers more clear with a better distinction which ones are active.

* Added Yig, the Father of Serpents, to the pantheon of deities.

* Trap color of Poison Darts was incorrectly set to orange instead of lime. Fixed.

* Inspecting an item on the ground now also lists the equipment slot required, if any.

* In rare cases inspecting an item would reveal the AI behavior and "give" buttons. Fixed.

* Health bars were not destroyed when exiting to the main menu causing a minor memory leak. Fixed.

* Creatures would sometimes be generated inside a wall, especially in non-square levels. Fixed.

* Made Jeffears' increased hidden room generation slightly stronger.

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