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New Triangle Wizard 2 version: 1.6

My apologies for releasing another update so close to the last one, but many bugs were reported on the forums and I just had to take the Sunday to fix them ;)

Release notes


* Wishing for damage type immunities was bugged. Fixed.

* Added the Tigran race.

* Slightly buffed Frostling hitpoints.

* Frostlings, Nomads, and Lizardman now deal additional cold, fire, and poison melee damage respectively.

* Added an option (default off) to reduce the occurance rate of the particle effect of lava, poisoned water, and the like.

* It was possible to summoned multiple versions of the same familiar. Fixed.

* Due to the above bug also the Strengthen Familiar feature, introduced in v1.5, failed to work sometimes. Fixed.

* Creatures that somehow enter up outside the level despite Unity's physics modelling will now teleport back into the level.

* Forbidding spells on an individual basis would sometimes not work. Fixed.

* Some processes were still running when the game was pauzed which could sometimes cause a choke-up when continuing. Hopefully fixed.

* Wish point cost of several wishes increased.

* Euphoria now gives a random amount of wish points and with a significantly reduced average.

* Some quest rewards were giving the player too much experience, especially late game. Fixed.

* Familiars and rare creatures now obey the same maximum spell level rules as players do.

* Spell levels you have given your familiar now also affect the corresponding finding chance.

* Spell levels beyond level 15 no longer increase finding chance (stays at level 15 value).

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Nov 26, 2023

Just a heads up but whenever you click the header of the email (So in this case, the big blue text that says "New Triangle Wizard 2 version: 1.6"), it will send you to the news page of TW 1.2 which has been happening since 1.3. The link at the bottom of the email ("View of Triangle Wizard website") properly links to the patch notes in question, though.

Nov 27, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for letting me know :) I usually use the previous sent e-mail as a template for the next one, apparently I keep forgetting to change that hyperlink ;) I'll try to remember next time! :D

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