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New Triangle Wizard 2 version: 1.5

A large list of bug fixes and various quality of life improvements in this one :)

Release notes:


* Added the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch unique item.

* If you gained the ability to walk through walls you ironically lost the ability to pick up gold. Fixed.

* Renamed "attack damage type" to "melee damage type" which is hopefully clearer.

* Journal now more clearly displays quest status.

* Failing a quest now displays a message.

* Quests beyond the first one could get stuck in an incompletable state. Fixed.

* Can now specify spells allies are not allowed to cast in the Grimoire. Can also be set on an individual basis in a creature's Grimoire.

* Added an option (default off) to enable a key that allows you to speed up the game by a factor of 10. Use with caution.

* The Strengthen Familiar spell will now also buff a summoned familiar; no more need to resummon it to apply buffs.

* Unsummoning a creature will now make it drop any items it might be holding before disappearing.

* You can now gift (unequipped) items to allies via your inventory.

* You can now ask allies to equip, unequip, or drop any item they are carrying. Allies cannot use utility items.

* You can now switch individual allies between melee and ranged approaches via the inspect screen.

* Added functionality to delete saved games in the load game menu.

* Wishing for damage type immunities would not lower other resistances. Fixed.

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