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New Triangle Wizard 2 version: 1.4

Small update to patch a problem which made it impossible to load certain savegames from v1.2 and v1.3. Also finally (hopefully for real) tracked down the issue that players reporting getting a huge negative score after finishing a quest. (This bug also set your xp to a huge negative number; if you load the affected savegame under this new version it will be automatically fixed.)


* Thaumaturgic shrine would sometimes drop spell powerups without any attached spell. Fixed.

* An insidious bug caused some savegames from v1.2 and v1.3 to load to a black screen. Fixed.

* Quest levels would sometimes have a part of their level name missing. Fixed.

* In a quest which involves killing X creatures it was possible that killing the target creatures would overflow your xp. Fixed.

* Added reminder text to the Grimoire for enchantment spells set to endure that spell levels are not automatically updated.

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