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New Triangle Wizard 2 version: 1.3

Continuing the porting of the last few missing gameplay elements from the predecessor, in this version Raziel and dimensional travel make a return. In addition, a new class and race which use dimensional travel features. And of course a few bug fixes.

Release notes:


* Dream Image spawning by Euphoria was missing a particle effect. Fixed.

* Corrupted Sigils were missing a glow effect. Fixed.

* Stunned status effect visual would sometimes jump up in the air. Fixed.

* Added the Syron race.

* Added the Planeswalker class.

* Added the Syntropic shrine.

* Added Raziel, the Soul Reaver to the pantheon of deities.

* Summon spells can no longer be cast outside the level.

* Added tools to travel to other planes and dimensions.

* Zombies created by the Zombie Lord's aura could still drown. Fixed.

* When angry, Pharmakeus will now also sometimes make enemies throw potions at you.

* Many wishes are now instant and will resolve immediately without need to prime them.

* Wishing for health or the removal of diseases is now more expensive (but instant).

* Added The Astronomicon unique item.

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