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New Triangle Wizard 2 version: 1.2

New gameplay content in this new version; wishes and the associated deity, Euphoria! And on top of that some bug fixes!

Wishes work a little bit differently in TW2 than in TW1. In TW1 a wish had you enter a word or phrase and gave a certain probability of success. The chance of failure often offset the joy of being granted a wish, so in the sequel I opted for a more deterministic approach. Instead of wishes you will be given wish points and these can be exchanged for fantastical effects in a new Wishes screen. You can use your wish points as soon as you get them to wish for something small, or you can save them up for a huge impactful wish later on.

Release notes:


* You can now also inspect powerups, items, shrines, altars, and traps in the Inspect screen.

* Spell descriptions now also show statistics for the next level.

* Prismatic Spray and Silver Fire spells now correctly show damage numbers in the Grimoire.

* Added the Wishes screen which can be used to select and prime wishes.

* Added Wands of Wishing of varying potency to the unique item pool.

* Added Euphoria, the Goddess of Dreams to the pantheon of deities.

* Rare creatures may now on occasion wield unique spells.

* Selecting unique spells which do not use incantations in the Grimoire would not select the spell for casting. Fixed.

* Added the Yearning Shrine.

* Perplexing Shrine, Mandelstam Root, and Moebius were handing out too much experience points. Fixed.

* Some quests had a negative experience point reward. Fixed.

* Quests where you had to eliminate X creatures would sometimes not register a kill, making the quest uncompletable. Fixed.

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