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New Triangle Wizard 1 version: R18.03

A user called 'Misc' recently alerted me to the following two things:

- Esoteric Priests of Dagon (Priests of Cthulhu) have an easy time maxing their unique ability by casting Dismissal on all items in a shop. (Which generates hate since R18.01.)

- If you kill a creature affected by a Malediction effect combined with the Binding of Isaac talent the walls of the dungeon might get alive and move around.

So in this new version these issues are addressed! :)

Release notes for R 18.03:

-Esoteric Priests of Dagon's ability capped at 50% hate.

-Loveliness gain from the Pax unique item capped at 50%.

-Fixed some typo's.

-Hate gained from dismissing store items capped at 15%.

-Killing an enemy under the effects of a Malediction with the Binding of Isaac talent will no longer make the walls move around.

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